Make Sure The Water Doesn’t Win

Water can really damage your house, resulting in big financial losses and lots of inconvenience. But when it’s the result of a construction defect, the water doesn’t have to win.

At Last & Faoro, we can help you understand your legal options and assert your rights strongly. We represent homeowners and contractors in a wide range of home construction defect claims, including those involving water intrusion issues.

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Did A Construction Defect Cause The Water Damage?

One of the most common causes of home construction defect claims is water intrusion. Common causes of water intrusion include:

  • Leaking windows and doors
  • Poorly installed roofs
  • Poorly installed siding
  • Use of inappropriate or defective materials

When these and other problems arise, homeowners and contractors often get involved in heated, and potentially costly disputes. Finding the right attorney to protect your rights is critical if you are dealing with a home construction defect dispute involving water intrusion.

How We Find The Right Resolution For Your Situation

Our attorneys have been representing clients in construction law matters for the past 30 years. We know the law, and we are committed to protecting your rights.

Given our vast experience, we understand the costs and risks of protracted litigation. Our objective is to resolve your dispute as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. We often take advantage of alternative dispute resolution measures to help our clients avoid lengthy court battles. When taking a case to trial is the best way to protect a client’s rights and interests, however, we have the trial experience to provide our clients with the strong advocacy they require.

Contact A Skilled Lawyer

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